DIY Rose Petal Body Scrub

I love roses. I love rosewater. I love rose-anything. 

In Middle Eastern cooking, rose water is a common ingredient – adding a delightful touch of floral to many desserts. It’s honestly an ingredient that most Arabs will have in their kitchen (or should have in their kitchen). 

About a year ago,  I decided to pull the rosewater out of the refrigerator and began using it as a toner, pouring just a little bit on a cotton pad and rubbing it on my face before moisturizing and going bed. 

Rosewater is amaaaazing. Don’t believe me? Read about here or here

Fast forward to this year…everywhere I go I hear about rose/rosewater/rose oil making its way into the world of skincare and beauty. 

So it got me thinking, why can’t I just use rosewater and make my own DIY skincare. And so I made my first attempt at making a body scrub. I used brown sugar (not the raw sugar, but the golden brown sugar you use in cookies) and I mixed it up with rosewater. Sure enough, it was a MAJOR fail. The consistency was too thin, and the sugar melted down. Eww. 

So I scratched the idea of rosewater and went on the hunt for rose oil. I then switched up the sugar, added the rose oil, some almond oil, and coconut oil…and YES it worked! 


1/2 cup raw brown sugar (Sugar in the Raw)
Fresh Rose petals
2 teaspoons coconut oil
2-2 1/2 tablespoons sweet almond oil *
3-4 drops rose oil *

*I found these items at Whole Foods. They can also be found online.

Step 1: Tear up the rose petals. You only really need a couple large petals or 4-6 small petals.

Step 2: Pour almond oil and rose petals into the brown sugar. Stir.

Step 3: Add coconut oil. And rose oil. Stir.

Step 4: Check consistency by rubbing some of the rub in between your fingers. If it’s too rough, add more almond oil or coconut oil until you have your desired consistency.

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